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One way to protect against 1) … is to use antivirus software, which is readily available on the market from companies that specialize in developing this kind of 2) …, such as Symantec and McAfee. 3) … can regularly update the software with code that identifies and deletes or 4) … new viruses. According to Symantec, the majority of the computers that 5) … the Blaster worm were owned by individuals, not corporations. 6) … corporations, many individuals do not use antivirus applications. The problem with virus-detection software, however, is that it is usually designed to 7) … only known viruses. If a new virus is designed to operate in a way not yet known, the software is unlikely to detect it. Most virus-detection applications allow the user to automatically, or selectively, destroy 8) … programs. Sometimes the software can only detect a virus, but not destroy it. The software then quarantines it, which means it is totally 9) … from the rest of the computer's software.
Software firms that specialize in antivirus applications have also decided to fight viruses in more original ways. One method implemented by Symantec is the remote cure approach. A special application runs on the PCs of subscriber companies. The application periodically scans for unidentified viruses at the subscribers' sites. When a suspected virus is found, the application sends the infected file 10) … the Internet to Symantec's labs, where the virus is tricked into believing that it is running on a desktop computer.
1. a) bugs b) viruses c) privacy
2. a) software b) hardware c) malware
3. a) sellers b) sales c) subscribers
4. a) quarantines b) uploads c) downloads
5. a) were infected with b) infected c) virused
6. a) Like b) Unlike c) Bound
7. a) protect b) enter c) intercept
8. a) suspect b) well-known c) illegal
9. a) isolated b) free c) taken care
10. a) with b) across c) via

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