Read and translate the following dialogue between a consumer and a company representative. Then answer the question.
- Oh, good morning. I’ve got a problem with my MP3 player, could you help?
- Certainly, we’re experiencing a recall on some models. Which one do you have?
- I have the N.5250.
- OK, tell me about the problem you’re having.
- Well, at first, the sound quality started getting worse. Then, it completely froze. I tried restarting it but that didn’t work.
- Sounds like a problem caused by AAC* files. Don’t worry; we have a driver to fix that.
- Great! How do I get it?
- Just download it from our website and upload it to your player.
- Thanks a lot, you’ve been very helpful.
*AAC is a file format that a higher quality than MP3s.
How did the customer try to fix the MP3 player?

  • install a new driver.
  • remove the AAC files.
  • restart the player.
  • upload a new playlist.
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