1. Management is the art of getting things done through other people. It includes the personnel who have the right to make decisions that influence company's affairs.
2. There are three management levels: top management, middle management and operating management. Top management includes the president, vice presidents, and the general manager. Middle management includes department managers and plant managers. Operating management includes supervisors, foremen, etc.
3. The most important responsibility of any manager is decision making. Successful management is a skill of choosing from alternatives. Decision makings are divided into: recognizing the problem, defining and analyzing the problem, evaluating alternative solutions, choosing the most favourable solution and implementing the approach chosen.
4. Management functions are planning, organizing, directing, controlling, staffing and innovating. It should be noted that successful management is based on three basic elements: leadership, motivation and communication.
5. To operate a successful business one should have management skills because effective management is the key to business success.
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What kind of specialists does operating management include?

  • It includes department managers and plant managers.
  • It includes supervisors, foremen, etc.
  • It includes the president, vice presidents and the general manager.
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