Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный вариант ответа по содержанию текста: My name is Mike, my surname is Petrov. I live in Togliatti, but my native town, my birthplace is Samara, my parents live there. I work for the AutoVAZ as an economist. I am thirty-four, I am married. My family is not very large. We are four. We have two children: a son and a daughter. My daughter is four years older than her brother. She goes to school. She likes studying. She wants to be a teacher as her mother. My son Oleg is five, he doesn’t go to school yet. He goes to the nursery school. Every morning I take my son to his nursery school on the way to my work. My wife’s name is Helen. She is from Moscow. She is a very pretty, kind woman with fair hair and blue eyes. She is tall, slim. She is four years younger than me. My daughter takes after her in appearance, but she has grey eyes. Helen works at the State University. She speaks English very well, and she teaches our children English too. She is experienced, she likes her job very much. Petrovs have ….

  • two boys
  • two girls
  • no children
  • a boy and a girl

К сожалению, у нас пока нет статистики ответов на данный вопрос, но мы работаем над этим.