Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный вариант ответа по содержанию текста: My name is Nick, my surname is Bunin. I am an engineer. I work for a big company “Autoexport”. Our company does business with different countries of the world. We sell cars, auto equipment, power equipment and other goods. I am married. I have a family. We live in Moscow. My wife’s name is Helen. She is twenty-five years old. We got married seven years ago when I was twenty years old. Now we have twins: a boy and a girl. They are six. Every morning my wife takes them to a nursery school. They will go to school next year. My wife is an economist. She works at the Ministry. She knows German very well, she often gets letters from Germany and she must answer them. But now Helen learns English. She wants to know English very well, she needs it at work. I can speak English well, I often communicate with our foreign partners. In my childhood I learnt French, but now I can’t speak French. Nick has …. .

  • only sons
  • a son and a daughter
  • a son and two daughters
  • two sons and a daughter

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