Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный вариант ответа по содержанию текста: The youngest of our family is Nina. She is a pretty, round-faced and blue-eyed girl with golden hair which she wears short. Her smile is very pleasant. She is eight and she goes to school. She dreams to become a teacher as our mother. My name is Sergey, my surname is Petrov. I am seventeen years old. I am a first-year student of Volga Region State University of Service. After the graduation from the University I shall be an economist. I like for sports. I go in for table tennis. It needs mobility, liveliness and much energy. It keeps a person in a good form. The more I play the more I like it. I get a real joy taking part in competitions or simply playing with my friends. Sometimes I go to tennis courts. Certainly, it’s a great distance between my manner of playing and such favourites as Boris Becker, Pete Sampas, Evgeny Kafelnikov, but I do my training with great pleasure and hope to play as well as our best players do. Sergey will be …..

  • a student
  • a surgeon
  • a programmer
  • an economist

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