Прочитайте текст и выберите правильный вариант ответа по содержанию текста: My parents-in-law live not far from us, in a very comfortable house near Togliatti. They are retired, but they have much work at home. My mother-in-law is fond of gardening. She likes plants and flowers. She runs the house. In the evenings she likes watching “ soap operas”. But my father-in-law hates watching TV. He is clever with his hands. He can repair everything: appliances, cars, different equipment. He is sixty years, but he looks much younger. Almost every weekend we go to see Helen’s parents, we help them about the house. But last weekend we didn’t go there. It was Sunday yesterday. It was our day off. We went to the theatre. It was on “The Three Sisters” by Chekhov at our theatre “The Wheel” that night. We bought tickets in advance. The performance was wonderful and we liked it very much. It was over at a quarter past ten. We took a taxi, and in half an hour we were at home. It was already late but it was unforgettable . I must say that I really like theatre but I often don’t have time for it. Helen’s parents live in….

  • Moscow
  • Samara
  • Togliatti
  • near Togliatti

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