Drag and drop the words into the sentences. 1. I sat down on the пустоclock next to Barbara.2. There were two sofas, and
three armchairs around a glass пустоsink .3. Kitty smiled into her
large, oval bedroom пусто .4. Why does the phone
always ring when I’m in the пусто ?5. You'll need a strong abrasive for cleaning this пусто .6. Put the fish in
the пусто and it'll only take five minutes.7. Before working on any пусто turn the
water off.8. A housekeeper polishes a glass пусто displaying delicate mementos from Norway and New Zealand.9. I heard the пусто strike six. 10. All four bedrooms on the first floor, as
well as the entrance hall and bathroom, have wooden floors covered by пусто .

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